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Heartened was born from a custom piece I made for a friend. The idea was to make something original and unique using sustainable fashion, repurposed from hand-picked materials and imagery centered around that specific individual's personal taste. Quickly this blossomed into a boutique line built upon the pillars of art, design and fabric.


The thought and design behind our work is aimed towards a particular being. One of open,

free and independent thoughts. The line may not connect with everyone but all are welcome.


As a little girl, my grandmother found an agate shaped like a heart and held onto it her

entire life. Two generations later, as a child, I would always ask her if I could see it. I would

sit and stare at it for hours. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen. A natural formation

forged into a heart.


She passed it down to me before departing this life. The agate heart is the logo, brand and

soul of this company.


If you wear your heart on your sleeve and display your soul freely, I think you'll appreciate

our work.


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Photography: Phillip Graybill

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